CorelDraw & VBA
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Guide to CorelDraw VBA
Creating Variable Data
Variable Data From Access
Variable Data From Excel
Variable Data Without a Data File
CorelDraw BarCode Wizard
EAN13 BarCodes Without The Wizard
Code 39 BarCodes Without The Wizard
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Variable Pictures
Sorting for Guillotining
Repositioning Data
Pantone Colors
Saving VBA Code to a Previous Version of CorelDraw
Trim Marks
Miscellaneous VBA
Trim Marks

Here is some code that will create trim marks. At the moment it is written for CorelDraw X6. It have tried it on CorelDraw 11 but CorelDarw 11 does not have the event on DocumentOpen so it will not run.

I recommend, that if you want to learn some basic CorelDraw VBA code, that you study the code.