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Specifying Pantone Colors

It is not possible to directly specify a Pantone color in CorelDraw VBA. You first must determine the color number of the Pantone color. Here is a CorelDraw 11 example where a Pantone color is specified. The macro opens the Pantone palette and finds the color number corresponding to the colors name. It then fills a square with the Pantone color. The method is case sensitive. You must use the correct capitalisation of the Pantone color. The example will work in CorelDraw 11, 12, X3 & X4. Unfortunately CorelDraw X4 has an error. It does not give the correct color number but the above macro corrects the error.

Alternatively if you know the color number of the Pantone color then you can enter it directly to fill with a Pantone color. You could sequentially use each color number of randomly select color numbers for a variable graphic. However, there are some numbers that have not been assigned a color.

The color number for a color is the same for both coated & uncoated colors.

Here is the complete list of coated Pantone Colors in an Excel file for CorelDraw 11, 12, X3 & X4. Uncoated color names have the trailing "C" replaced by "U". In CorelDraw X3 & X4 color number 19 which was previously blank is now " PANTONE Trans. White" and it does not have either the trailing C or U to signify it is a coated or uncoated color as it is transparent.