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EAN13 BarCodes

Here are two EAN13 barcode generators that can create barcodes in CorelDraw, Excel & Word or any program that can handle VBA.

The first is open source & in essence it means it is free to use without charge. It is from "Open Bar Codes" see Its limitation is that you have limited control over the style of the bar code. The second bar code generator has been derived from Barcode Font Pack v1.2 by Chaos Microsystems Inc. who do not appear to exist any longer. This is a shareware type program. I leave it up to you to gain their approval to use their product.

Below is a comparisons of the printed styles. Each is printed at a size of 36 points. Code EAN-13 is from the open source program "Open Bar Codes" whilst the other four formats are from "Barcode Font Pack". Each program requires its unique fonts to be installed. You cannot use the fonts from the other program.

To change the look of the "Open Bar Codes" bar code you have options. If you were to place a white box over the top of a Code EAN-13 font you could reduce the height to half or any other ratio of height. Similarly if you do not want the numbers underneath could could cover them with a white box and possible have the numbers typed above in any font desired. My preference is use "Open Bar Codes".

Barcode Samples.jpg

Here is the EAN13 module for "Open Bar Codes". Here is the "Code EAN13" font for this bar code.

Here is the EAN13 module for "Barcode Font Pack". For this module you must download & install at least one of the following fonts.

EAN-13 - The standard EAN13 font.

EAN-13HH - A half height EAN13 font.

EAN-13B - An EAN13 font that extends between the numbers at the foot.

EAN-13BH - A half height EAN13 font that extends between the numbers at the foot.

Here I have included the Barcode Font Pack module in an Excel file but it can also be used in CorelDraw or here is one for Word to create barcodes. They are written for the font "EAN-13". Download the font "EAN-13" before running these macros. There are instructions, in the modules, so that one of the other 3 fonts for this method can be used. If you want to use the module in CorelDraw or Word all you have to do is export or copy the module into a document and add/remove apostrophes near the bottom of the module depending on whether the barcode is to go into CorelDraw, Excel or Word.

The source of the data is currently manual via an inputbox but the inputbox can be replaced by automatically reading from a data file.