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Code 128 BarCodes Without Corel's BarCode Wizard

There are several types of Code 128 barcodes. The barcode is based on either or a combination of 3 tables, Table A, Table B & Table C. Each table contains 106 characters. Table A & Table B are very similar. Table A has upper case characters, numbers & special characters. Table B has upper & lower case characters, numbers & some special characters. Table C has number pairs. eg. 00, 01, 02, 03, ....98, 99. Using number pairs Table C can compresses the barcode if it contains some numbers.

It has recently come to my attention that the Code 128 barcode I have been recommending does not work correctly for Table C characters.The code did not like numbers containing double zeros. I did not write this code but I have looked at the code and now modified it and added some comments to the code. I cannot guarantee that the code works in all circumstances. If you discover and error please let me know.

A barcode only using Table A is known as Code128A, similaly for Tables B & C. An optimised version uses a combination of all 3 tables to keep the barcode short. The example supplied here creates an optimised barcode.

First install this font called code128.ttf that I have downloaded from on your computer.

Here is a CorelDraw X6 program that will create an Optimised Code128 barcode. It is the same as CorelDraw's Code 128 barcode that is not an EAN128 type as in CorelDraw's Advanced settings.